Project Mala

Primary School

In Primary School the children progress very swiftly in the first two years, covering the coursework for grades 1 and 2 in the first year and grades 3 and 4 in the second year. Children who find it difficult to keep up have remedial classes in Hindi, English and maths. The classes are large and teaching is inevitably based on rote learning and repetition, however the children are eager students and very engaged in the learning process. Some of the teachers are inspired educators who have incorporated role play, games and drama into their lessons and are helping to train and encourage their colleagues to use more interactive teaching methods wherever possible. Read More

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Aarti (A1339)

Ajay (H1323)

Amar (H1324)

Archana (A1338)

Neha (G2816)

Nikita (G2817)

Priya (G2819)

In English, children begin to build a vocabulary of English words that they can read and spell and they enjoy learning English songs and poems. Hindi, being their mother tongue, is easier to learn. They are taught stories, poems, and some part of grammar to develop their own language. They start to study Sanskrit from grade 3 and continue to next years.

In maths they learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, decimal and the beginnings of geometry. As well as science, they study simple geography, history and civics in social study. Both boys and girls are taught vocational courses; girls are trained in cooking and tailoring and boys are taught gardening. Both boys and girls are taught drawing together.

An important part of the Primary School curriculum is moral value, physical education, health and hygiene and children are encouraged to keep themselves and their environment neat and clean. Children attend library and like to read stories which helps develop their reading ability.