Project Mala

Middle School

Students in classes 6 to 8 also have as timetabled lessons agriculture for the boys and home science for the girls. All children receive instruction in health and hygiene and there are extra curricular lessons in sport, art and drama as well as scheduled library sessions. Read More

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Teaching is traditional and rigorous, but teachers are encouraged to incorporate interactive teaching methods wherever possible and children are increasingly able to complete individual projects as part of their coursework. Individual progress is carefully monitored and students may be given remedial teaching if they fall behind. Classes may also be split and recombined according to ability in core subjects such as maths, English or Hindi for one or more periods a week to allow slower students to catch up, or to give more advanced students the opportunity to study something more demanding.

From class 6 onwards students build on their knowledge of English, studying grammar in depth but also spending time in activities designed to encourage spoken English so that by class 8 we expect them to be able to converse confidently, not only in class, but also with any English speaking visitors who may arrive at their school.