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Projet Mala (France)

Le Charitable Trust Project Mala a été fondé en 1989 pour assurer l'éducation des enfants qui travaillent au tissage de tapis dans l'état de l'Uttar Pradesh, en Inde du Nord, région dite « la ceinture des tapis ». Nous avons actuellement des sponsors dans 15 pays mais un seul partenaire en France. Nous comptons sur une des marraines de Project Mala, Lady Young, qui vit en France avec son mari, Sir Rob Young Ambassadeur britannique en Inde de 1999 à 2003, pour trouver de nouveaux sponsors.
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Le lien de l'Ecole est une nouvelle fonction. Ce lien permet de relier votre école à l'une ou autres ddes nos écoles en Inde rurale pour des échanges d'informations.

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Les Clubs et Associations

Nous sommes fiers d'être associés à un nombre d'associations qui soutiennent notre travail depuis de nombreuses années. Ce nouvel espace sur notre site est destiné à leur montrer notre reconnaissance et appréciation pour leur générosité.
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Sponsors Comments

She looks great! Thank you so much for sending over her pics and reports. It certainly feels good seeing the kid grow well :)

Herani, England

Thank you for a lovely week. I really enjoyed working with you and meeting the staff and pupils. I was especially impressed by the lovely year 9 class who now know a bit more than they used to about the UK Constitution! Good lick with the sponsorship project and see you soon.

Jacob Bate, England

Excellent!! I really enjoyed meeting the children and answering their questions!

Edwa Crosby, England

We will take the news of your excellent work back home.

Brian and F Sneldon, United Kingdom

It means a lot to see how well. you spend the money you raise. As a sponsor seeing the kids grow up and also how well they are doing at school is an absolute pleasure. Thank you for all the effort you and your colleagues put in. I know that every penny I am able to offer you is towards a wonderful cause.

Sean Connolly

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Visitors Comments

This is a wonderful establishment. It is heart warming to see such happy children who are learning. Please keep up the good work. We thoroughly enjoy meeting you.

Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, Ms. Anchal Agarwal & Ms. Dolly Agarwal, Rug & Home, USA.

Very Impressed!

Mathias Koenig Archibugi, London School of Economics, England

A very uplifting visit. I am delighted that such good work is being done. Some friends in the UK will be very interested to hear of your work and children’ progress.

Ms Angela Senior, United Kingdom

Schools are running satisfactorily. It will be more helpful for eradication of child labour from carpet industry.

Mr. V K Sinha, Carpet Export Promotion Council, India

As always, it was a pleasure to visit Project Mala. The adult literacy programme was wonderful. It was very impressive to see the spirit of the ladies who attend it. Keep up the good work!

Geetanjali Krishna

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