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Project Mala Canada does not yet have its own office. We are hoping to have it established soon so that current and future sponsors can be able to send their payment in Canadian Dollars and have the benefit of tax relief on their charitable donations. To find out more follow the links below -

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School Link

School link is a new feature. It will give a direct link between your school with one of our schools in rural India where information can be exchanged.

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Clubs / Societies

We are proud of our association with clubs and societies, many of whom have been supporting our work for years. This new area on our website is devoted to acknowledging their support and showing their members how we appreciate them.

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Sponsors Comments

A beautiful school with very well kept grounds and excellent opportunities for vocational and practical work. Thank you for welcoming me here.

Mr. Patrick Scott, United Kingdom

I am absolutely delighted to be a long-standing supporter of Project Mala since 2007. It is also great to be able to see that my sponsored child is progressing well thanks to the splendid work of your organisation.

Karthik, England

Thank you very much for sending across this link. It was a very informative video video and I feel very proud of being involved in some of the most amazing work Project Mala does for these children. It inspires me to continue contributing towards this cause and although I cannot sponsor another child right now but soon I would do that. The news letters are very good way to keep in touch and the school report is also a very good tool to keep in touch and makes us feel like we are part of a child's education which would probably help him become a person they might not have otherwise. Also this video on project Mala's work and seeing Neetu speak so confidently brought a little smile on my face and made my day. Many thanks again for sharing this

Amritesh, England

I really appreciate all the news you send me about the children I sponsor. Again I would like to pass on my best wishes to you and everyone involved in Project Mala. The work you all do is nothing short of exceptional and I'm proud to play a small part.

Sean Connolly, United Kingdom

Excellent!! I really enjoyed meeting the children and answering their questions!

Edwa Crosby, England

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Visitors Comments

A very interesting visit to a very impressive + worth while project. I have enjoyed meeting so many good people!

Dr. David Hopton, UK

Very beautiful school. The children look happy and this is a nice learning environment.

Nina Smith, Director, Rugmark Foundation, USA

As always, it was a pleasure to visit Project Mala. The adult literacy programme was wonderful. It was very impressive to see the spirit of the ladies who attend it. Keep up the good work!

Geetanjali Krishna

The visit to the school has been a wonderful experience. All the best for the future and the continued good work.

Elaine Ray Albuecouergly, USA

What a wonderful video and a marvellous project! Congratulations on your work.

Sue Anker

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