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Project Mala Australia was established in 2012 in order that existing and new sponsors can make their payments in Australian dollars and receive the tax benefits for donating to a registered charity.  It also gives Project Mala its own identity in Australasia. To find out more follow the links below -

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School Link

School link is a new feature. It will give a direct link between your school and one of our rural schools where information can be exchanged.

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We are proud of our association with clubs and societies, many of whom have been supporting our work for years. This new area on our website is devoted to acknowledging their support and showing their members how we appreciate them.

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Sponsors Comments

The day we spent with you was very special and will remain in our hearts for many years to come. To see so many happy faces eager to learn and benefiting both mentally and physically from the opportunities created by your charity was a delight. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit the school, as it was really the only free time we had in India. When Jon started this sponsorship he never expected to have such an opportunity, understanding and seeing how the children benefit makes it all the more special...

Ms. Celia Davies and Mr. Jonathan Waters, England

...Thank you for taking time out from your busy Christmas schedule to send me the email. I like receiving your emails that give me more information about the children that I sponsor. I doubt if any other charity in India would have this personal touch - they are more likely to send a letter from a template, if at all...I do look log in, soon after sponsoring each child, and then occasionally there after. This facility for donors is one of the many reasons that makes your charity outstanding...

Mr. Mohan Verma, England

A beautiful school with very well kept grounds and excellent opportunities for vocational and practical work. Thank you for welcoming me here.

Mr. Patrick Scott, United Kingdom

many thanks for the Project Mala News forwarded to me on 6th january,2014. The story of Raju and Vandana is very interesting and I am sure that there are hundreds of such sories of our students. This could be possible only with your endless effort and dedication.

K.K.Saha, India

Very many thanks for this wonderful and heartwarming mail. I have nothing but admiration and praise for these children who attend school regularly besides helping out at their homes after school hours. It shows their love and commitment for education and the desire to better themselves. It goes without saying that Project Mala deserve and merit enormous credit and admiration for their work in helping these children. I am so pleased that I have been able to help in a small way towards making this project even more successful.

Raghu Poduval

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Visitors Comments

Very impresed and hope to help in anyway

Graham Head ABC Carpets USA

Very beautiful school. The children look happy and this is a nice learning environment.

Nina Smith, Director, Rugmark Foundation, USA

An admirable step towards primary education in remote villages of a region which is not so developed. I wish this effort continues and replicates itself at many other locations. I wish I too could contribute to such efforts.

Bijoy Kumar Srivastav

An excellent effort and very lively environment. Keep it up and this is what will transform India.

Prof. S K Kak, Professor, Institute Of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, India.

What you and your team at Project Mala do is excellent and it gets better by the day. All the best.

Vinoo Sharma, India

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